Family Planning USB - The Complete Guide to Building a Family Photography Business

The Family Planning USB is based on Mark Cleghorn's "Generation Tour - The Guide to Building  a Photography Business based on Families"

The USB Features over 4 1/2 Hours of Business Photography Training dedicated to capturing more of the family portrait market.


Purchase The Family Planning USB  £199 price includes delivery in UK

For delivery outside of UK please Select overseas add £10


The Contents Include:

  1. Business & Marketing
  2. The Digital Album
  3. Products & Selling
  4. The Client Interviews
  5. The Studio Session
  6. The Location Client
  7. Edit Workflow
  8. Finishing The Image
  9. 30K Plan
  10. Finding The Client
  11. The Viewing Xperience
  12. Tasking





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Family Planning USB

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Family Planning USB Contents Include:

Business & Marketing

The Digital Album

Products & Selling

The Client Interviews

The Studio Session

The Location Client

Edit Workflow

Finishing The Image

30K Plan

Finding The Client

The Viewing Xperience


Four and a half ours of training.