Prom 2 Profit - Exploring The Teen Girl Portrait Market and how to make it work in your business

In this USB film Mark Cleghorn guides you through the highly marketable Teen Girl photography market.

Specifically looking at the Teen girl approaching her prom, so a 13-15- year- old and looking at how a portrait Xperience can be turned into different portrait sessions including a party feel.



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Part 1  - Creating the brand and selling it, is all about the business side of marketing to the teen girl and what they want to buy when we do capture them.

Part 2 - Teen shoot on a beach either as a part of a session or as the main location shoot.

Part 3 - Teen girls in the park looks at a dreamy boho styled shoot and shows you how to create the structure of a location shoot even in the most unlikely of locations.

Part 4 - Teen girls in the studio is a full shoot looking at how to maximise variety in a small studio space.

Part 5 - What the client wants is an interview with the 2 teen girls as they candidly discuss what they want, how much they would spend and how to get them to book a session.


As you will see this " From Prom To Profit USB" is full of ideas and training in both business & photography.


Content Includes:


  • Prom to Profit - Part 1 Creating a Brand & Selling it - 74 minutes
  • Prom to Profit - Part 2 Teen Girls at the Beach - 15 minutes
  • Prom to Profit - Part 3 Teen Girls in the Park - 15 minutes
  • Prom to Profit - Part 4 Teen Girls in the Studio - 76 minutes
  • Prom to Profit - Part 5 What the Teen Client Really Wants - 28 minutes



  • Literature Examples & Photoshop Templates



  • Cleghorn Boudoir Basic
  • GCT Actions

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Content includes:

5 Videos

2 Photoshop Action Sets

Marketing Samples

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Prom 2 Profit - Exploring the teen girl portrait market