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Sign up for The Xperience program and be a part of the cutting edge Photography Business Group - Join Now and save £250 on the joining fee


The Xperience Group is designed to help you develop your business by generating clients through tried and tested localised marketing as well as national campaigns plus independent specialist promotions.

During The Xperience, we will help you continually streamline your business to find your type of client with 1-2-1 business sessions every quarter plus eight online group sessions and four Face-2-Face meetings. There is also training in photography, to develop your skills & creative techniques further, developing styles and concepts to make your images stand out from the rest.



Whether you are a Pro photographer having to take your business in a new direction to generate more profit, or you are just starting out in the business, The Xperience is guaranteed to make the difference to you and your business!

The goals of The Xperience Group are to help you develop your business further by generating more clients whilst improving your photography as well as help you improve your sales.


Group 5 of The Xperience Group is now building

Cost for the first year is £3454 inc VAT

1x £250 (saving £250 of the usual £500) Joining Fee - paid here online

plus 12x £267 inc. VAT.  - which will be set up by the office and yourself,to start at an agreed date once you have joined.


If you would like to pay in full then select the £3500 payment option here, includes £204 Discount


Included in your membership of The Xperience are dedicated Catch-Up videos and specialist notes which will bring you up to speed on everything Xperience, including sales, selling, pricing and promotions which you can implement into your business immediately.

If you wish to discuss aanything before signing up please call 01446 730592 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


For over 20 Years Mark Cleghorn has been consulting with major brands and photographers in developing the whole business of photography to both industry and clients alike. In more recent years he has been concentrating on making training more affordable and streamlined, allowing photography businesses of all sizes to benefit from his experience.

2014 saw the launch of the first Xperience Group, a hands-on business and brand building for photographers.

During the year we will help you to streamline your marketing, help you find your client so you can make more profit, plus saving you money at Loxley Colour Photo lab, Kaleidoscope plus other major suppliers.





Xperience Business Group  includes:

Guru Sessions: 3 x Online 1-2-1 90 minute sessions

Webinars: 8 x online 2 hour group marketing & planning sessions.

Business Meetings: 4 x Group Sessions in our studio. Each Xperience group come together for business development and future planning and specialist training.

Photography: 4 x Group sessions. These photography days are designed to push skills and styles to create more dynamic variety for your client. Your group is split either side of the business day to maximize the sessions and to minimize travel.

Catch-Up Session: Dedicated videos and specialist notes on marketing, business development and the skills needed for immediate transformation.

Social Media: A 1 hour 1-2-1 online session with our Xperience Facebook Guru.

£250 of Wall Portraits from Kaleidoscope Framing.

PR: Press Releases during the year based around awards and promotions.

Xperience Awards: Designed to stimulate the consumer to generate extra business and your brand exposure.

Starter Pack: Xperience literature to help you generate more clients straight away. Xperience Awards, Literature Templates, Ad Ideas, Promotions

Literature Designs: Group literature can be customised to your business

Banner Design: A variety of designs customised to your business.

Discounts: Exclusive Discounts from The Xperience trade partners including:
Loxley Colour, Kaleidoscope Framing and Colour Graphics.
A range of special offers related to specific marketing and promotional products, plus trade prices for promotional printing.

Graphic Design: Contemporary cutting edge graphics for fast social media marketing as well as brand focused design

The Photographer Academy: Free Business membership and all its training contents

Sales Training: Specialist 2 day sales training to maximise every client spend as well as helping you fine tune your sales technique.

Custom ads and literature designs

Price structures and product

Group Promotion & Marketing with custom Ideas and Competitions


The goals of the group are to

Develop your business and add 30K

Generate more clients

Better your photography

Improve your selling averages

Streamline your marketing

Help find Your Client

Make you more profit

Save you money at the Lab

Help you focus on your buyer

Develop your own business plan


Some Quotes From Xperience Members

“ The Xperience will challenge and stretch you as a photographer and as a business and will enable you to develop way beyond what you thought possible at the beginning of the Xperience. Best business decision I’ve made without question. ”



“ It was a serious commitment in time and money to join Xperience in 2015 but it has helped me develop my confidence, my knowledge, my business and given me a friendly, helpful and supportive community to belong to. 2016 is set to take my business further than I could have imagined when I started. ”



“ Put the ‘X’ into my photography business. ”



"since joining the Xperience Group my business has grown so fast. I have learned more about being a business owner, the importance of marketing, and how good quality images and customer service are so important. It has been a wonderful crutch to lean on, someone to talk to about my fears, hopes and dreams and how to work through them. I am so glad I found this group, I would be lost without them. I am no longer dreading the future and what it's going to bring, I am on board for year 2 and am soooo excited about the future of my business. I can't thank Mark and his team enough for this. Mark and Debbie put their heart and soul into helping other photographers grow their business and develop their quality of images and style. There are a lot of people out there just now telling you how wonderful they are and how they will transform you and your business. It's very easy to talk the talk, but there is few out there that can walk it, and boy does Mark and Debbie do that. I've gone to Mark's monkey business seminars over the years and was always amazed how much he packed in. I don't know how this lovely couple get any time out, they are so focused on helping others grow. I am so glad that I joined this wonderful support system. Thank you guys" x


Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 10:00 to Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 17:00


The first meeting of group 5 is 16th & 17th April 2018 with online group sessions every month and your first 1-2-1 guru session with Mark within 14 days of joining

Xperience Group

Xperience Group

The goals of the group are to

Develop your business

Generate more clients

Better your photography

Improve your selling averages

Streamline your marketing

Help find Your Client

Make you more profit

Save you money at the Lab

Help you focus on your buyer

Develop your own business