Mark Cleghorn Portraits in Studio 2014


Mark Cleghorn is a photographer with a distinctive style; his images have won hundreds of awards over the past 3 decades, including the Kodak European Gold Award 17 times. His work has been acknowledged by the photographic industry who awarded him 4 Fellowships for his outstanding images. Since 1992 he has influenced photographers across the world setting new trends and techniques and was one of the first to fully embrace digital.

He now spends part of his time as the Training Director of Europe's largest online training company for photographers, The Photographer Academy and the rest of his time working with The Xperience Group of photographers in the UK & Ireland.

Mark is a bestselling author and has written books on portrait and wedding photography as well as Digital and Lighting, he has judged photographers work all over the world and is still considered to be one of the major influences of style and technique in the wedding and portrait industry today. Most importantly he is still a working photographer and his portraits hang in thousands of homes around the world bringing a smile across generations and a memory of a time never to be forgotten.

His Books Include:- All About Flash Portrait Photography – The Secrets of Posing and LightingComplete Guide To Light Wedding Photography- The Complete Guide Photoshop In A Weekend Start Taking Great Family Portraits Monkey Business – The Photographers Manual Part 1

All the Team at Mark Cleghorn Photography work across our 3 companies.

Mark Cleghorn Photography - Portraits of People, Products & Places. Launched in 1985

The Photographer Academy - which is Mark's online Training resource for photographers which was launched in 2008.

The Xperience Group - A business development group for Pro Photographers launched in 2014

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