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In this Photoshop film Mark Cleghorn shows you how to recreate the 1960's funky Lomo EFX, now popular with the Hipstomatic application for the iPhone but still has a big following using the traditional analogue camera and film.

Mark shows you a variety of settings in Photoshop to create different EFX all based on Lomography.

Topics covered include - Layers, Layer Adjustments, Blend Modes, Lab Colour, Unsharp Mask, Selections, Levels, Curves, Transform
Photography Training that will instruct & inspire you!
That’s what PhotoTraining4U is about, Online Quality Training for Photographers and all for an affordable price.

The site is based on streaming video that capture photographers at work, in what has been called Real and Raw, there is nothing fake about this site, most of the images shown during the shoots and demos have had no Photoshop enhancement, only a conversion from their RAW file.

Reasons To Join PhotoTraining4U

•100% Money Back Guarantee
•Over 800 films on line
•New films each week
•10 Masters
•iPhone and iPad Friendly
•Watch as much as you want when ever you want
•Live Photo Critiques and Webinars
•Business, Marketing and 10K films
•Software - Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements
•Wow inspire films and Live shoots
•Back 2 Basics
•Studio Watch and The Apprentices
•Studio and portable flash
•Inspiration & Education
•Reduced rejoining fees
•Photographer interveiws
•Earn money as an Affliate

There are a wide range of topics from weddings, portraits, fashion shoots to kids along with “How To” techniques in Photoshop,Lightroom, Camera RAW as well as third party plugins like onOne software, all based on day to day shooting and work flow techniques.

PhotoTraining4U is aimed at both professional and amateur photographers alike and is structured into bite size learning films, over 800 at present, each around 20 minutes, so you can dip in and out as you want.

This type of training enables photographers of all levels to learn “New” and “Back-2-Basic” techniques on every subject, whilst being able to monitor real shoots and the sessions will show how other photographers cope in the real world.

Your subscription of £199 is for a 12 months membership to the PhotoTraining4U site. This allows you as a member to have unlimited access to the knowledge bank of videos already online, with 3 new films added every week along with monthly bonus films. In addition to our planned training themes you as a member get the chance to suggest new themes and topics. When you renew your yearly subscription the price crashes to only £99 per year for a full 12 month access, that’s what makes PhotoTraining4U the best and most cost effective training on the planet.

There is no advertising on the inside, so don’t worry there are no flashing banners or pop ups to spoil the experience, as this site is supported by company’s that Mark Cleghorn has been associated with for many years, so make sure you stop by our sponsors pages.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on membership so don't think about it, just signup today and it will change your life.

In addition to the knowledge bank of films, there are also monthly photo critiques and webinars, later in 2011 watch out for the launch of the Academy plus exclusive for members articles and E-Books.

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