Our Baby Portraits usually start even before birth, as many of our portrait clients begin the baby series with our maternity bump portraits. The Bump can either be shot by itself, mum needs to be present of course, but the session is not only designed to be a quiet and sensual memory but also a fun time with additional images of dad and the kids if you want them involved too.

We prefer to shoot the session 4-6 weeks before the birth date, as the size of the Bump is increased and hence perfect for the portraits. You may decide on being dressed instead of topless or nude but you can be assured of an image captured that will remind you of this special time in you life and one you will so quickly forget visually.

Baby portraits can start as soon as you like, from only a few days old in our newborn series to our baby club series as we watch baby develop with family during their first year.

Please contact the studio for more details and appointment scheduling.

Tel 01446 730592

Email Studio Here 

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