The Dancer

Photography like dance is a passion, its in the blood, and no matter what age, the dancer themselves, is the essence of the portrait. Combine the passion for dance and a mastery of light and imagination you are guaranteed to have portrait that create emotion, which is the most essential element in Marks portraits.

Whether you decide on a studio or location shoot you can be guaranteed of images that will have high impact as well as a graceful elegance to bring tears.

For more than 35 years dance photography has been a part of Mark's life, so whether you have a tiny dancer or you’re a professional contact the studio to discuss and book your essence of dance shoot.  As a basic guide to costs, Dance Studio Sessions start from £125 for tiny dancers and £250 for Location.

As a specialist all out portraits come fully framed or as collections in print or album. Please note that all our wall art comes fully framed and starts from £200 but most clients opt for one of inclusive collections.

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