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FREE Photography Webinars

How To Sell Your Photography & Make More Money with Mark Cleghorn


Online Every Monday at 10am (UK)

Starting 11th January

The FREE webinars will reveal many of the secrets that make the difference between success and failure as a business.

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What's Included

For more than 35 years Mark Cleghorn has been involved in running as well as mentoring photographers & studios. He has helped 1000's to  develop new marketing stratergies and sales techniques to take them to new heights and profits. The sales room is nothing to fear, and on this tour he shares his skills and techniques to push your sales to higher averages as well as how to lower the amount of clients who don't spend or who low spend.

During the session Mark will guide your through real world sales techniques that he teaches to his Xperience group of photographers, who range from new start up studios to  big studio business.


Pre Session Fixes & Post Session Sales are at the heart of the sales techniques and Mark shows you how they make a differance instantly in the sales room.

See it live, practice it and then apply it, this will instantly make that differance to your averages and sales.

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What Products

Mark will share with your the best selling products in the sales room and how to sell it, without th ehard sale.


Getting your pricing right and you will instantly see the profit.

Get it wrong and you will just be a busy fool.

Thats why the perfect price list is essential for both startups and thriving studios.

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Add 30K

Mark will demonstrate how even a home studio can develop to the next level if your get the correct systems in place.

Up Selling

Explore the techniques to get a client to spend more, with tried and tested techniques to ensure clarity and a happy sales room.

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Unhappy Sales Room

Learn the techniques to ensure a happy sales room 80%+ of the time.

Avoid The No Sales

Step by step real scenarios to help you move a no sale to a sale & not just a token payment.

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The White Rabbit

Learn to become a majician and when to pull out that awwesome magic trick in the sales room.

Learn why people don't want to buy your portraits

The hard facts and the truth about portrait photography on the high street.

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